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On-the-Go Printing

Almost everyone has a smartphone such as a BlackBerry®, Android® or iPhone®. Tablets like the iPad® are increasing in popularity. With the adoption of mobile technology at an all-time high, the ability to print from these devices has become essential. But printing from a mobile device is not always easy, with users frequently struggling with issues such as network privileges/connections, document security and document output quality.

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Achieving the Paperless Office

In addition to productivity and the cost to recreate lost documents, document management software makes sense from several standpoints:

Storage Cost - The cost of storing data has dropped to as little as $1 or less per gigabyte. Considering that up to 200,000 documents or more than 10 filing cabinets can be stored in 1GB, installing an EDMS application makes sense.

Advanced Scanning Technology - Sheet-fed scanners, which are now common on most new office copiers and multifunction products, allow documents to be scanned quickly and conveniently.

Regulatory Compliance - The government has created a more rigorous regulatory scheme to safeguard information storage, security and retention.