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Bizhub Secure


Data security is a large concern in today's business and professional world. Sensitive data is valuable to your organization and also may be vulnerable to theft and unauthorized access. How can you make certain your valuable data is safe from these threats? With bizhub SECURE - that's how. With advanced features like HDD encryption, HDD lock password protection and automatic data deletion, you can rest assured that your data is more than secure - it's bizhub SECURE!


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IT Services


Is your network down every month? Are you worried about your backup systems? Need to migrate from Physical

to Virtual Servers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your small to medium-sized business could

probably benefit from an on-site IT solution.  Is your company looking for affordable IT spending while also giving

your IT Provider the ability to resolve workstation level issues before they impact users? Then ICMC has the managed

IT solution you have been looking for.


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eCopy Scanstation v.5

In many organizations, critical requirements - for higher security, enhanced accessibility, faster data entry, or even compatibility with more diverse fleets of copiers - call for an enhanced way to deploy scanning and OCR solutions that start with scanning processes at shared scanners and copiers.

Powered by eCopy ShareScan Suite software, eCopy ScanStation is the secure kiosk for network scanning applications that demand high security, enhanced accessibility, faster index-data entry, or connectivity to copiers, MFPs, and scanners that don’t support embedded scanning and OCR solutions.

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Document Management Systems


Secure, manage and protect your data by invesitng in a customized document management system from ICMC.


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ICMC Backup is a completely automated, professionally managed online backup and recovery service that continuously backs up critical server and client data, archives it in a secure, off-site data center, and makes it immediately available for recovery 24 hours a day.