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ICMC Backup is a completely automated, professionally managed online backup and recovery service that continuously backs up critical server and client data, archives it in a secure, off-site data center, and makes it immediately available for recovery 24 hours a day.


No Tapes, No CD’s, No Hassles, Lower Cost

Tape-less backup and recovery means no hardware or software to buy and a fully automated process requiring little to no employee time or resources. Lower your data protection costs. ICMC sends informational success or failure Emails, informing you of your protection.

Just how Secure is ICMC’s Tech Service?

Data security is a major concern to ICMC and our clients. ICMC has addressed the issue of protecting data by using a very sophisticated compression and encryption system. Using two distinct layers of protection, each with its own encryption technology, ICMC’s archives are virtually impenetrable. ICMC compresses and encrypts data before it is transmitted over the internet via an SSL Connection from the Client’s office. ICMC’s Backup Service is HIPAA Compliant, so it is Perfect for Medical use.

Are You Prepared?

Only a small fraction of businesses or employees backup their critical data. Even fewer handle their backups properly or store them securely offsite. Less than 10% of backups are ever viewed when completed. Few people believe that any data disaster will happen to them…until it does. And then, unfortunately, It’s too late. Accidents will happen: natural disasters, human error, theft, viruses, hackers, power surges and equipment failure.

Can you afford to risk the future of your business to data loss?